images star elves faerun timeline

The novel is just weird and doesn't mix well with all the rest of the lore sources, i've taken a break reading it because i couldn't find much Star Elven lore and i can't shake off the sci-fi feeling of that weird golem AI plus why aboleths when the nilshai were right there? Humans and elves in Aglarond agree to peace, electing a half-elf, Brindor, as the first king of the new kingdom of Aglarond. Moradin's Thunder Blessing begins, causing dwarven populations to multiply. Fellfire Master of Realmslore Posts. The clothing, while otherwise non-fanciful, was often made of superior materials to those used in other clothes. Khelben Arunsun arrives in Waterdeep. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. High elven cities were magnificent marvels of elegant architecture made of wondrous towers and structures that blended seamlessly into places of natural beauty.

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  • Aloof and cautious, star elves were unfamiliar with Faerûn and even other races. Isolated in the twilight realm of Sildëyuir, they had no contact with N'Tel'Quess. Most high elves were fair-skinned rather than dark, though sun elven skin was a hue darker than that of the star elves, moon elves, and dark elven skin.

    Timeline. Year, Event.By this time, the elven realms of Eiellûr,Rise of the first drow civilizations in the Underdark beneath southern Faerûn.

    Abbreviated Timeline of Faerûn

    .Year of Scattered Stars, Halaster's Hold is built near Waterdeep's farms.
    Forgot your Password? Head hair is extraordinarily fine, always worn long, with the appearance and texture of exquisitely fine silk.

    images star elves faerun timeline

    The Silver Marches is declared a new country. Flight of dragons over the Dales and Moonsea.

    Westgate falls during the course of a single night to a small army of elite mercenaries led by the vampire Orlak. Wooly Rupert Master of Mischief.

    images star elves faerun timeline
    Star elves faerun timeline
    With the Untheric humans on their southern coast, orcs in the mountains due east, and two powerful and dangerous human nations to the north, the star elves decide that they needed to find a safer home.

    Very young high elves matured at a rate comparable with humans but during adolescence slowed to a near stop until about years of age, at which point high elves were considered mature.

    Manshoon is slain by Fzoul and the Zhentarim purged of Manshoon's supporters, giving Fzoul control over most of the organization. I know there's another 3e novel that has the main characters actually traveling into the demiplane, fighting the nilshai, and talking with the star elves, but for the life of me I can't remember what it is.

    TSR, Incp. It's also true that they sported enough High Mages to build a demiplane the size of a forest and shield it and the forest from any divination attempt permanently. United Kingdom Posts.

    The great elven civilizations of Faerûn include Aryvandaar, Illefarn, Ilythiir This begins the elven migrations into the Sea of Fallen Stars, which.

    images star elves faerun timeline

    In Faerûn, surface elves call themselves Tel-Quessir which Star Elves or Mithral Elves (Ruar-Tel'Quessir): This subrace left. No mention could be found of elves, dwarves, and other races during most of this . refugees continue to expand along the coasts of the Sea of Fallen Stars.
    Another possibility - Subjective timeflow between the Realms and this extraplanar forested demiplace of the Star elves may not be synchronized.

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    Countdown to the Realms. War in southern Amn as ogre mages and their minions ally with the temple of Cyric.

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    The nations of the Inner Sea begin building their own warships, seeking to defend their merchant fleets and hunt the pirates in their own lairs. The child of two half-elves will be another half-elf.

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    USA Posts. Athasian elves are hostile nomads, marked by savage dispositions and a deep distrust of outsiders.

    images star elves faerun timeline
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    Manshoon is slain by Fzoul and the Zhentarim purged of Manshoon's supporters, giving Fzoul control over most of the organization.

    Fellfire: Well actually it's kind of the reverse, Zandilar attempted to seduce Vhaeraun into helping the Yuir elves and instead was trapped, then Bast came along and successfully "distracted" Vhaeraun long enough to let Zandilar escape.

    This lightsource is never mentioned in the text, not even in the description of the star elves. Orthodox Banite worship driven underground in that city by clerics of Cyric.

    So, too, have the Star elves been changed. Rockseers are very pale skinned, and they have no body hair. Another place to look is the novel Windwalker.

    images star elves faerun timeline