images octanol water partition coefficient oecd report

John Wiley and Sons, New York. Anal Chem 88 1 — Experimental log K ow data shown include slow-stirring, solubility ratio, HPLC generated in this study only. The volume ratio and quantities of substance to be used are fixed by the following: i The preliminary assessment of the partition coefficient see para- graph d l i of this guideline. A calibration graph was generated to facilitate the determination of log K ow Additional file 2 : Table S6 of the test compounds according to their retention time within the HPLC column. Additional details of the slow-stirring, solubility ratio and HPLC experiments. Experience in this study has shown that it will not always be possible to produce realistically accurate solubility data in n -octanol and water for surfactants. J Med Chem 20 1 —

  • The NOctanol/Water Partition Coefficient SpringerLink

  • Partition Coefficient n-Octanol/Water (POW).

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    Slow-Stirring Method for Highly Hydrophobic Chemicals. Validation Report. RIVM contract-Nrs.

    M/​/. Partition Coefficient (n-octanol/water): Shake Flask Method dissociation constant, water solubility, hydrolysis, n-octanol solubility and surface tension of the substance. The test report must include the following information.

    The NOctanol/Water Partition Coefficient SpringerLink

    Partition Coefficient (n-octanol/water), High Performance Liquid. Chromatography The partition coefficient (P) is defined as the ratio of the equilibrium concentrations of . The following should be included in the report.
    Few reviews are available which make a side-by-side comparison of log K ow predictive methods.

    Chen Y, Droge STJ, Hermens JLM Analyzing freely dissolved concentrations of cationic surfactant utilizing ion-exchange capability of polyacrylate coated solid-phase microextraction fibers.

    These commercially available programmes are generally designed for the prediction of log K ow values for neutral organic compounds. Duplicate test vessels containing the required, accurately measured amounts of the two solvents together with the necessary quantity of the stock solution should be prepared for each of the test conditions.

    The slow-stirring method OECD Test Guideline was followed which minimises turbulence and thereby enhances the exchange between n -octanol and water without microdroplets being formed.

    images octanol water partition coefficient oecd report
    EM drafted the manuscript.

    A more recent study [ 49 ] used a combination of molecular dynamics simulations and the quantum chemical conductor-like screening model for realistic solvents COSMO-RS. None of the publicly available methods or commercially available software packages have been developed to specifically accommodate prediction of surfactants nor considered as part of these reviews.

    These comparisons provide an indication of which class of surfactants is best predicted using the QSPR methods.

    Molinspiration is a chemical information software developed by Bratislava University.

    octanol/water partition coefficients POW and their bioaccumulation in fish (5)(6)(7​)(8).

    POW is temperature dependent and reported data should include the. of the OECD Test Guideline “partition coefficient N-octanol/water”: OECD Report of the OECD Workshop on Practical Approaches to the Assessment of. ).

    images octanol water partition coefficient oecd report

    The Pow also serves as basic input data for correlations with water solubility (lsnard and Lambert, ), soil and sediment adsorption (OECD, ​), and with fairly wide range oflog Pow values, the whole range should be reported.
    Sci Total Environ — Inherent to the ability to correct for ionisation are the pH of the system and the p K a of the compound. Hydrophobic, electronic, and steric constants, ACS professional reference book.

    images octanol water partition coefficient oecd report

    Surfactants dissolve not only as single molecules mono-molecular solutionbut at higher concentrations also form different types of soluble aggregates, e. Chemometrics Intell Lab Syst —

    images octanol water partition coefficient oecd report
    Octanol water partition coefficient oecd report
    The remaining p K a values for the test compounds were calculated by ACD Labs from Chemsketch [ 21 ], Chemicalize [ 36 ] and Pipeline pilot [ 20 ] software available from ChemAxon and Accrelys, respectively.

    If several different solutes occur in one or both phases at the same time, this may affect the results. C High pressure liquid chromatography.

    For surfactants, the method should operate below the CMC to ensure no micelles are present during the equilibration study. Similar slow-stirring values for C8EO4 2. Cationic log K ow values were largely over-predicted, whereas amphoterics were often under-predicted by the various QSPR models used in this assessment. The convenience of this method recommends its investigation as an alter- native method.