They all checked out well with Mike's tester. No extra charge for matching! The Rogue amps are a bit too powerful for EL34's. Thank you for such a quality product. Best Match. Electrons traveling from the cathode to the plate are absorbed by gas particles along the way and the tube doesn't work as well. I've been working on a deal with indy mike for tubes for my Primaluna Dialogue Premium HP integrated amp. To view this site, you must enable JavaScript or upgrade to a JavaScript-capable browser.

  • Eight, count them, eight beautiful NOS Mullard EL34 tubes Steve Hoffman Music Forums
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  • Used mullard nos el34 for Sale

  • Eight, count them, eight beautiful NOS Mullard EL34 tubes Steve Hoffman Music Forums

    NOS Mullard EL34 xf2, xf3 and xf4. ANOS also available for less. Check on availability of matched pairs. What would NOS tubes sound like? I will soon find out. It took a while but indy mike found eight Mullard made NOS XF2 single halo getter tubes.

    Mullard Audio Tubes

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    It isn't a lot, and it's equal in both channels, so it doesn't seem to be a bad tube. The legendary palpable midrange presence and almost tactile timbres they deliver coupled with an amazing upper frequency ease, are just one of a kind.

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    Yes, my password is: Forgot your password? I know that EL34's don't have the bass of a KT88, I figured that would not be a problem, since I have a good size commercial subwoofer next to the A7's. I'm going to run my amp.

    Used mullard nos el34 for Sale

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    Nos mullard el34 tubes
    I wonder if I'm onto something, saying the getters have a lot of work to do. They are now mine. Best Match. It's only been 44 years.

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    When we have NOS Mullard tubes they are also found here.

    This is a suitable replacement for any EL34 = 6CA7 POWER PENTODE tube type​. NOS Mullard el34 made betweenand probably the best. Mullard Platinum Factory Matched QUAD EL EL34 6CA7 tubes NEW.


    $ . MULLARD EL34 6CA7 POWER TUBE NOS. $ This page lists all of the EL34 / 6CA7 tubes I currently have in stock, usually priced nearly as high as NOS versions, and it is often difficult to tell NOS from used.

    All of the Mullard tubes I have seen have a small hole in the very bottom of the.
    Let's have a healthy discussion.

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    Don't delude yourself if it doesn't work out, however. They sounded exactly like tubes which need to be broken in. Buying Format see all.


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    With the KT88's back in, the normal bass was much stronger, in a good way. We test your order before shipment for world class performance and the best tone possible!

    images nos mullard el34 tubes

    Classified Ads. NOS Tube. Little different sound, old vs.

    images nos mullard el34 tubes