images mesa triaxis vs marshall jmp-1 release

But industrial bands have always been early adopters of new technology which is kinda the whole point of industrial i spose. Serious PooJan 26, I sold it in the late 90's to fund recording gear. Thats why most pros mix a TriAxis with another amp to really fill out the width of sound and get saturation. Quote: Originally Posted by pipelineaudio Turn the emulator off and try it with a convo, its pretty incredible! Share This Page Tweet. Any suggestions? So the Bogner Red seems to have the most votes.

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    I've heard the Mesa takes it in features(and also in price), but does it beat. Owned both for many years (but not now) Triaxis Iliked less than most boogie's and the JMP1 Iliked more than most marshalls.

    images mesa triaxis vs marshall jmp-1 release

    Both sound. To me, The Triaxis and Rectifier have nothing to do with those styles. Marshall JMP-1 (Billy Gibbons uses one, IIRC.

    Marshall JMP1 Preamp in a pedal

    Thanks guys, I remember when this MTS was released, I had forgotten about the RM4 chassis though.
    Share This Page Tweet. Of course the monitoring sound isn't the final one in this case, but at least I got me some rockin' feedback screams When combined with real CryBaby wah, it is quite nice.

    I just clued into that. To me the TriAxis has always sounded sterile. The Gear Page. I've been using a JMP1 preamp as part of my live rig for years and haven't found an alternative set up that gives me the same range of sounds - from Nile Rodgers to EVH. Find More Posts by pipelineaudio.

    images mesa triaxis vs marshall jmp-1 release
    Mesa triaxis vs marshall jmp-1 release
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    Bob WomackAug 10, I haven't come across any pedals that do every shade of gain better than the Bogner Red. They're different than Marshall mids. To say that it is not a pro piece of equipment is incredibly dumb. Find More Posts by Jeronimo. Messages: 1,

    I thought the XTS Atomic overdrive sounded more like a Marshall is there a difference between the JMP1 preamp vs the JMP amps?.

    James used a JMP-1, Mesa Triaxis, and Digitech into Mesa poweramps.

    Last night I grabbed an old used Marshall JMP-1 Pre and it sounds fantastic. and my JMP-1 are still my favorite, followed by one distortion on the Triaxis. tone direct into Reaper with this sounds so thin compared to a a salesman very recently IK released some new CS models and. If the JMP-1 can do a decent Marshall I'll drop the POD and get one. The only non-digital preamp I would consider using for direct recording would be the Mesa Recto I'd have to say that I think the Triaxis is a better preamp by design (a.

    the new lightweight Matrix 2X12 to be released in a few months.
    Dont tell me that visual is not important cause we all want hot chickspretty guitars nice cars so to me it is uggly uggly uggly.

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    There was just a thread on rack preamps. As I said above tho, if I'm going for a cleaner sound with just a bit of dirt, I use a tube screamer style pedal in front of it and use one of the clean channels with maybe on the gain.

    images mesa triaxis vs marshall jmp-1 release

    I really don't care much for their music, but the fact that they use the JMP-1 speaks volumes to its level of professionalism. Sometimes I do use real amp and cab but it is for special occasions.

    images mesa triaxis vs marshall jmp-1 release
    My mistake, I didn't realize the hundreds of options the jmp1 had.

    After all of my gear-whoring Tried plugins, tried pod like stuff, tried micing, all suck for me They're very simple devices that rule.

    images mesa triaxis vs marshall jmp-1 release

    TechnicaJan 30,