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Genki Sushi This place is sure to leave a smile on anyone's face as they can binge on delicious sushi for a really low price. On top of the mostly fatty tuna, sea urchin, salted salmon roe and salmon sushi, its menu is also filled with popular dishes such California rolls that boast of consistently delicious taste. They don't serve omakase in the strictest sense; here they offer certain set courses with different entrees and various pieces of sushi, plus dessert. And with the press of a button, you can also send the plates back to the kitchen! Pintokona blends quality sushi with the kaiten style of serving. View this post on Instagram. So, if you feel like eating delicious sushi in Shinjuku, this is a restaurant you would want to check out. Oh Kura Sushi, the best and cheapest sushi in all of Japan. More Videos. Reservations are made in Japanese, so ask your hotel staff in advance.

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  • Nishishinjuku, Shinjuku, Tokyo Prefecture. All reviews conveyor belt sushi tuna on tap late dinner sushi restaurant green tea english menu japanese. REVIEW ✓ Ganso Zushi in Tokyo - Here's our full review of this wonderful sushi-​carousel restaurant ✓ Tips and Tricks.

    of 元祖寿司 秋葉原万世橋店 "This was my absolute favorite restaurant in Japan. Ganso was not the end of a tour of sushi we were hoping for within Tokyo.
    Located in bustling Shinjuku, Himawari Zushi excels in the categories of price and flavor.

    Gansozushi Shinjuku West entrance Shinjuku Prices & Restaurant Reviews TripAdvisor

    They also have lots of fishless options on the menu, meaning everyone is bound to find something they enjoy. Their shops aren't that fancy but will definitely give you an authentic experience where you can watch as everyday Japanese customer pops in for a quick dinner. Oedo also offers Japanese sake and hot sake, so how about drinking sake while eating sushi?

    His guests laugh under his charm; he has a knack for keeping the room eating and smiling.

    The Best Kaiten Sushi Restaurants in Tokyo

    From Classics to Hidden Gems! Web Visit website.

    images ganso sushi tokyo menu
    Ganso sushi tokyo menu
    Choose your dishes from the conveyor or put in a request with the chefs.

    There are no Michelin stars here, but there might as well be: Seamon has earned extremely high reviews from customers from all over the world.

    images ganso sushi tokyo menu

    View this post on Instagram. Its prices may be on the expensive side compared to the other kaitenzushi sushi restaurants in the area, but this restaurant would still come highly recommend because it's a place where you can eat high-quality sushi, just like the ones you have on a counter in fancy sushi restaurants, at reasonable prices. The menu is highly unique: one recent dish was tuna belly on a charcoal-broiled roll with truffle flakes.

    Ganso Zushi—a Kaitenzushi chain in Tokyo—offers fresh sushi at very English menus are provided in the restaurant, so you do not need to.

    images ganso sushi tokyo menu

    Check out the top kaiten sushi restaurants in Tokyo. There's no tablet here, but with both Chinese and English menus to help. Ganso Sushi. You may have heard of Jiro's expensive sushi, but sushi train restaurants are known for providing MENU; Favorites; Search Ganso Zushi Shinjuku West Exit Branch; 4. 10 Recommended Japanese Bag Stores in Tokyo.
    Read Next. Like many merry-go-round sushi joints, colorful plates are hot-glued to the wall with clear pricing.

    Top 5 Conveyor Belt Sushi (Sushi Train) Restaurants in Shinjuku

    The high-quality ingredients justify the higher price point. Refresh with: Sours of many flavors are under yen, draft beer as well as a lage bottle of Asahi is yen. Tell us why! Thanks to its large-sized toppings, this restaurant has gained a reputation of serving thick and delicious toppings on its sushi.

    7 Amazing But Affordable Sushi Places in Tokyo

    Other than that, the restaurant is also famous for its sushi that uses ingredients that are in season, and the Gunkanmaki battleship roll sushi that is made by rolling rice in nori seaweed topped with various ingredients.

    images ganso sushi tokyo menu
    Ganso sushi tokyo menu
    Apart from its standard menu, what customers are raving about is the Magurozukushi JPY set that combines the mostly fatty underbelly, medium-fatty and lean portions of tuna with egg.

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    Asia Japan Tokyo Restaurants. Looking through this app will definitely make you want to go to Japan. So dainty, so perfect with sushi! Ordering from a tablet makes it fun as well. To get here, take the Ginza line to Gaienmae Station. If you're here for affordability, you should get their handmade lunch sets which will come with soup, salad, and unlimited green tea and will cost you about - 1, yen.