images ftl engi b hard

The next video is starting stop. Add to Want to watch this again later? Sign in to add this video to a playlist. Praise RNGesus! Despite fighting a large number of enemy ships, I simply was not getting much in the way of fuel drops.

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  • I've tried been trying to beat the game with the Engi B for ages now, I've done at least I have already beat the game with every ship (just not on hard) and read.

    images ftl engi b hard

    › app › discussions. I've beaten the game on Hard with Engi B (and with Stealth C for that FTL is sci fi solitaire and you will stack those aces given enough time.
    The crippling weakness: if EITHER of the two shots misses, you deal no damage and have to wait for the full weapon cooldown to try again.

    This enemy ship had a missile launcher and a Burst II Laser, which quite possibly meant the end of the run if the first Heavy Ion or Heavy Laser shot missed. Your poor starting Engi is needed to pilot the ship, which leaves no one to man any of the other systems. Sign in to make your opinion count.

    Engi B sucks! FTL Faster Than Light General Discussions

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    images ftl engi b hard

    images ftl engi b hard
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    Sector Two was a nebula sector.

    I honestly did not think that the Engi B's hull would hold out long enough for a victory. Then the rebel marines began teleporting over, one of them directly into the Weapons room, the other into the Engine room. Or all three, even, especially if I've picked up more Engi crew.

    But it seems incredibly hard to run Ions in the late game with only 3 weapon While the Engi B does tend to send you down some of the harder.

    Even with the Antipersonnel drone, it's still pretty tough to deal with boarders.

    Overall then, Engi B sits at the absolute bottom of the FTL tier list, together with.
    Get a couple Mantis and the ship makes a decent boarding ship.

    Tons of damage on all sides.

    Video: Ftl engi b hard FTL Advanced Edition: Let's Learn to Play The Engi B! A tutorial for the Vortex

    The missiles were also failing to find their mark, as only 1 out of the first 9 actually hit the ship! Without scanners I couldn't tell exactly what was going on in there, but I knew they were hurting pretty badly.

    The rebels offered 6 fuel as my final laser shot flew towards their cockpit.

    I hate Engi B! FTL Faster Than Light VideoGameGeek

    All trademarks are property of their respective owners in the US and other countries. Damaged engines cause your FTL gauge to fill more slowly, and the fires threatened to burn out the system completely.

    images ftl engi b hard
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    images ftl engi b hard

    No damage taken! This is the only ship in the game that functions this way. It begins with two weapons: a Heavy Laser and a Heavy Ion. In fact, if you're grinding sectors properly, you can run out of missiles as soon as Sector 2 compared to Engi B being useless around Sector 3.