images dni electronico firefox ubuntu crashes

That is all. The apcu command that it uses to sign seems to be failing with code SWs: 0x69 0x89, which is not even in the standard. I am not going to spend more time on this. I did it with a self-signed certificate so it is going to be problematic for sure. Security - 5 Ricky's Hodgepodge. This weekend I spent some time trying to know what was happening. First I installed the library like I explained in a previous entry and at command level it is working ok. If you run the above two commands without login or PIN, do they show the certificates?

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  • Unable to load new PKCS11 module (Firefox )
  • Security 5 Ricky's Hodgepodge

  • firefox (Ubuntu) Undecided # Firefox freezes Ubuntu when page with large image is loaded # Problemas con dni electrónico. firefox.

    firefox (Ubuntu) High. New. # ARM symbols not available on crash-​ when Firefox. # Problemas con dni electrónico. La utilización del DNI electrónico es válida para tramitaciones telemáticas, para lo que será necesario contar con determinados elementos de hardware y.
    The module is installed in the database: modutil -dbdir sql:.

    Bugs firefox package Ubuntu

    Previous behaviour looks like a bug to me as it is probably re-using a byte buffer for a non-padded short string but well You can test it here. As chrome loads its own libraries the pkcs 11 also has to use them and everything finishes in big core dump. New issue. So there must be something fishy in the data that we are sending for the signature. Why is it trying to have the string signed?

    images dni electronico firefox ubuntu crashes
    Dni electronico firefox ubuntu crashes
    The padding looks more like uninitilized storage But what would have been a hash, of 32 bytes looks like a UTF-8 character string:.

    Also [opensc-pkcs11] card-dnie. I have found the issue. This comment has been minimized. You can follow the whole process in the DNIe 3.

    Video: Dni electronico firefox ubuntu crashes Firefox on Linux crashing repeatedly due to notification bug

    Can you send the debug log?

    User Agent: Mozilla/ (Windows NT ; WOW64; rv) Gecko/ Firefox/ Build ID: Steps to reproduce: Attempted to load. This step by step description is can also be found in Mozilla's knowledge Click on opensc‑ (Windows) or opensc‑ (Linux. Chromium and Firefox see the card, allow to unlock them with the pin, Don't know if it's related, but i have "hangs" in firefox sometimes, and D N I e l e c t r n i c o 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 0 1 2 3 4 5 DNI ELECTRÓNICO.

    images dni electronico firefox ubuntu crashes

    Hi, I'm having this problem inusing Ubuntu and the last.
    Based on the two trace you sent me, the problem could be the key may be empty. If I get it right, this is the right way to send it then The DNIe has an option --enable-dnie-ui at configuration time that shows a warning message before any use of the non-repudiation key.

    Removing the package was enough and the old firma worked again. So I think is more a bug in fedora than a general problem. The last 2 bytes: :Control bytes for RSA cryptographic files Cryptographic Efs type 0x15 " are: b b empty key. But the original code must have worked at one time.

    Unable to load new PKCS11 module (Firefox )

    images dni electronico firefox ubuntu crashes
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    He found some problems with the signature which I think were related to his environment and not produced by my changes, mainly because the modifications with DNIe 3.

    It consists in setting the path length for certificate objects to -1, so the file length would always prevail since the pkcs I would like to, but can you confirm that the log does not contain private information? The dnie driver appears to be trying to do the same thing, but the flags may be set wrong, or it is assuming only sha1, with the 20 bytes, but sha is 32 bytes.

    This caused an wrong SM object error response 0x69 0x

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    Instalar los paquetes de DNI electrónico, para Debian: vamos a Se abre Firefox y hay que seguir las instrucciones de la página web que I found this question in the AskUbuntu forum that was exactly my issue (I had ext2fsd installed in Windows).

    (I installed it in end-january, right before the full-freeze). certutil -d sql:$HOME/.pki/nssdb -L -h "PIN1 (DNI electrónico)" Certificate Nickname Trust Attributes And it crashes with the DNIe. In my case it works with the icedtea-plugin inside firefox (I do not know if I configured something I do not know how many distros include the option (but for example ubuntu seems to use it).
    Hi, It's inside the maven project as explained in the entry itself.

    Security 5 Ricky's Hodgepodge

    But if you see that the boringssl so file is in your system you have to worry. In all the test cases so far it looks like the hash is not sha1 which should look like padding. DNIe driver does not load certificates in Firefox A more suitable fix can be made in pkcsdnie.

    images dni electronico firefox ubuntu crashes
    After my patch it works.

    I am not sure what the implications are though, but I can submit a pull request if needed. Why is the padding not correct? It could also be the wrong return for the card, maybe it should 6a In the notworking.

    images dni electronico firefox ubuntu crashes

    And it crashes with the DNIe.