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Results 1 to 17 of We will also cover the shipping costs to send out new parts. Anyone familiar with KSport? Please enquire for more details. It also holds the strut in place much more securely than the other aftermarket designs. Coilover Options? All coilover kits are supplied with a 1 year guarantee. Many don't offer proper MK1a and MK1b versions. Some we found had less than 60mm of travel before hitting the bump stops which starts to change the spring rate.

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  • Toyota MR2 (AW11) Coilover Suspension Kit
  • AW11 coilover options Matrix Garage
  • Coilover Options AW11
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  • BC racing coilovers were probably considered a close second with both It is possible to special request custom spring rates and that does help dial them into​. I'm currently looking at the different coilover options available for the I have BC coilovers on my mr2. I've got a local company that makes some really nice AW11 coilovers, they been offering custom coilovers locally for.

    GTX2 Front Lower Control Arms and TC Rods the AW11 MR2 · Rear Lower Control Arms and Trailing Arms the AW11 MR2 · Four Corner Coilover Kit for the​.
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    WAT MR2 AW11 custom shock coilover

    All kits include rubber joint top mounts as standard. This gives you a superior shock with a very good spring. PB Coilovers are not 'one size fits all' with adaptors. We decided to add these to our shelf units because we think the rear camber plates are worth a little more. They call this more of a street, light duty coilover but our cars are so light in all honesty these are probably plenty for the vast majority of people who do a lot of track days or compete lightheartedly.

    Toyota MR2 (AW11) Coilover Suspension Kit

    images coilovers mr2 mk1 custom
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    My only hesitation is I would want weld on perches for clearance but I don't have a welder myself.

    I asked Andy why it had not shipped yet since it looked finished, and he said that they are actually for sale. The Koni yellows are a decent OEM replacement type shock but they only have the reputation they do in the MK1 world because for years there wasn't really anything better.

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    AW11 coilover options Matrix Garage

    They have a little rebound adjustment but no compression adjustment. This is done to provide the more technical driver with various set-up options. So for the Daiyamas we got the longest travel shock that we could without raising the price too much.

    Toyota MR2 (AW11) Coilover Suspension Kit. In stock Customers have the option of choosing our recommended spring rate or their own custom rate.

    GECKO COILOVERS TOYOTA MR2(AW11) 86~89 G-Street - $1.

    images coilovers mr2 mk1 custom

    We have been designing & custom making coilovers since for. Coilover Adjustment Tool 3x Steel Spanner Wrench for Aftermarket Coil D2 Air Suspension Air Struts For Toyota MR2 AW
    We no longer do business with Daiyama.

    Coilover Options AW11

    For example if you are switching to a staggered tire setup you will need to change your spring rates and possibly other things to get it handling properly again. It looks like if he bottoms out he's going to tear off the quarter panel.

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    I'll be having them build another set of coilovers for me pretty soon here for a new project of mine. I initially thought the Daiyamas were discontinued.

    images coilovers mr2 mk1 custom
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    For the WAT brand coilovers our higher end Monotubes We can get the shocks valved for your driving style whether that's street, autox, track racing or something custom.

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    PB Coilovers feature fully height-adjustable dampers, allowing the ride height to be the same as standard, or up to 50mm lower. We have special requested longer stroke options for our WAT and Daiyama designs.

    Various spring rates are available and piston valves are matched to each spring rate.

    images coilovers mr2 mk1 custom

    All coilover kits are supplied with a 1 year guarantee. The lower mounts are horribly half assed. We haven't checked all brands but the few we have seen seem to range from 65mm to 85mm of total shock travel.

    Custom built and valved to suit your needs from everyday use and up to pro-​racing.

    AW11 Techno Toy Tuning

    Why choose CEIKA? You are not just buying coilovers, you are also getting a. Toyota MR2 (AW11) AMR Engineering Coilovers Assembled here in the USA, our custom coilover systems are designed to meet your needs. Your browser does not currently recognize any of the video formats available.

    images coilovers mr2 mk1 custom

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    They are about the same price as the BC racing coilovers but unlike theirs ours come with front and rear camber plates and also sway bar links.

    Shims: big center piece shims the width of the rear hubs out and swaps the oval hole to the correct orientation for camber adjustment bolts. When people think of rate they often think of stiffness or ride quality. Create new account Request new password. Megan Racing Street. All times are GMT Sway bar combinations and other things will affect the ratio between front and rear which is more important than actual spring rate.

    Toyota MR2 AW11 () CEIKA Custom 1M Coilovers Ceika Performance

    images coilovers mr2 mk1 custom
    The same goes with our suspension tuning.

    Results 1 to 17 of Create new account Request new password. Any other orders we will try to take care of as quickly as possible once we return. Usually, inexpensive coilovers have short warranty periods and do not last as long as strut cartridges. Amazing quality, and machine work, something these guys are known for.